Sunday, June 7, 2009

A trip to the Zoo


  1. Man, that peacock shot is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Nice to see you back on the wagon, too.

    So, talk to me about color. In photoshop, my colors are amazing. When I post on blogspot, they look washed out and drab. Why is this? For whatever reason, they translate quite nicely on pbase. It's just blogspot that dulls everything.

  2. Hi Erin,
    Thanks. Yeah the peacocks were in love and struttin' their stuff. You can see romance and commitment in their eyes.

    About the color. I was looking at these 2 on pbase next to blogspot and the colors seemed slightly washed out but not much.
    A couple of thoughts but not much confidence that they will help:

    1. Perhaps you lose something if blogspot has to shrink your pics and pbase handles this better. I re size mine to 100 ppi and 600 pixels high. Then I have a "web" subfolder in each folder. I do this for all my web pics. I don't know that it is necessary.

    2. I had another thought but I seem to have forgotten it....oh well. You could boost your saturation but shouldn't have to.

    There's my WAG assessment and that may be a stretch.

  3. Wrote more about this on Day 70; nothing you need to respond to, though. I'll try your suggestion.

    Remote control: neat little gadget that lets me take photos away from the camera. After I set up, I can do self-portraits; talk to a subject to get a good pose; whatever. Less than $30; very useful so far. I'm working on more self-portraiture but don't like what I've come up with so far.

  4. Beautiful peacock! For your color issues you can actually resize your images up to about 750 pixels wide for horizontals (about 600ish for in height verticals) and then mess with html code to make them bigger in your posts and i have been told too add a little saturation or fool with your levels to most web posts for photos because the of transition to the web.