Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catch Up


Home Sweet Home

Low Tech meets High Tech


  1. I like how you're manipulating your photos. You're coming out with some pretty cool stuff. I like how you're using color, particularly against background colors like gray, brown, etc.

    My favorite of these is #2. That blue painted, peeling wall really pops out from the brick rubble. Very cool.

    Is #1 taken as a reflection in water, or is that just one of the effects from the digital manipulation?

  2. Gosh thanks Erin,
    Yes #3 was very manipulated.I like the idea of mixing black and white and color. I selected the color parts, desaturated and added noise to the rest.
    Re: to speak. That's what caught my eye as well. You like the way we painted our bedroom with that old look?
    Re:#1 - That is simply a reflection in water. The snow is melting in a serious way here so there are many puddles to play with. I did flip and mirror the image so it wasn't backwards and upside down.

  3. You've rubble-ized your house since we last visited?